What is PermaPress Hi-Res Vinyl Transfer?

Some items may be harder to print on Vinyl Transfer my be the solution for your project.

PermaPress FAQ

How Durable Is PermaPress And What Does It Feel Like?

Very durable we use commercial grade heat transfer vinyl all products will always say how we will print your products.

lWhat Is The Average Turnaround Time For PermaPress Vinyl?

The average time for this process is 3-5 business days.

Why Choose PermaPress Vinyl Over A Regular Direct To Garment/Digital Print?

We use PermaPress for full color designs for some substrate which may not be able to withstand too much heat.

How Do I Place An Order For PermaPress Vinyl?

Placing an order for PermaPress is simple! contact us  and one of our project specialists will be happy to help get you started.