T-shirt screen printing that’s easy and fun But DTG can Solve your issues.

Although Screen Printing is fun and cool with todays fast moving work and changes and budgets screen printing just doesn’t work for some designers and creatives who may not need 200 T-shirts on a design they are not sure about. So for that DTG Printing is here giving you more option and flexibility with out the Storage needed to move your creative design. We offer T-Shirts as low as $8 a shirt full color. Now if you need to print larger bundles we can assist. But for the majority of those who need to print a short run we can assist as well.

Our service process when we are DTG Printing

Step 1:

Order received pull inventory.

Step 2:

Review and prep file.

Step 3:

Prep shirt. Pre-Treat a solution added on shirts generally on dark or black shirts but we pretreat most product to ensure color vibrancy. Press with a heat press to lock in treatment.

Step 4:

Where the magic happens. Print.


Step 5:

Heat press shirt for curing. Fold Bag and ready to ship!